Message from Chairman

Mr. Rahulbhai N.Amin
( Chairman & MD )

Over 67 years of its existence, Jyoti Ltd. has evolved from product-based company to a company which is providing turnkey solutions to customers’ needs.  Its focus is on Water and Power sectors which are the two core areas which will require nation’s attention for years to come if our country is hoping to be counted amongst the emerging superpowers of the world.  By contributing to these important developmental sectors, the Company is playing its part in the economic development of India.  The Company is conscious of its obligation to the society by preserving and conserving nature and environment.  Thus, Company entered the field of Small Hydro in 1960s which taps the renewable source of hydro power.  Today, Jyoti Ltd. is a major player in design, development, manufacture and installation and commissioning of Small Hydro equipment in India and abroad.

Jyoti Ltd. today is serving the vital sectors of national and international economy such as Power(Thermal, Hydel and Nuclear) generation, Transmission and Distribution, Agriculture, providing irrigation through pumping systems, Water supply and sewerage schemes, Defence-particularly Naval and marine establishments, Core industries like steel, cement, paper, sugar, fertilizers, chemicals and Petro-chemicals, Railways.

Jyoti also has active presence in Defense and Naval sectors. Jyoti is the only pump manufacturer in India approved for supply of Condensate Extraction & Main Circulating pumps to Indian Navy Defense unit for their Nuclear Power Submarine. Jyoti has know for execution of Turnkey projects in Irrigation and Water supply schemes from concept to commissioning and is one of the very few companies recognized in India for execution of Large Lift Irrigation Schemes.

Jyoti’s Design Centre is the first of its kind in the western region of the country. The centre aims at Virtual Engineering by providing CAD/CAM/CAE solutions i.e. to improve design & manufacturing process and to enhance the product quality on one hand and to reduce cost and time on the other.

Jyoti is thus well placed to meet varied needs of customers and play its role in the development of Water and Power sectors which are crucial to the economic development of the country.