Job Description:

1) should have Experience of vacuum circuit breaker for Medium Voltage Switchgear Industry.

2) To maintain process flow of VCB assembly & Sub – assembly.

3) To lead the team of VCB Shop (Workers & Technicians etc.-50 Nos.) 

4) To maintain ISO 9001 records, Calibration of jigs, Fixtures & Testing Equipments.

Experience Required:1-4 years

Job Location:Vadodara(HO),Gujarat

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Job Description:

1) Should have experience in Selling, Marketing Medium Voltage Switchgear /electrical products.

2)  Need to Co-ordinate with the HO Swg. Divi. For Technical assistance and communication with Customer for Order Execution.

3)  Should be Responsible for Closure of Contract means payment collection as per PO terms, Collection of Retentions, BG, C Form etc.

Experience Required:1 to 4 years 

Job Location:Vadodara(HO),Gujarat.


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Dob Description:

1) Responsible for Electrical purchase (Relay, meter, Switches, Announcetor , Panel Wiring Material, etc.

2)  Generate inquiry as per Technical Specification to make list given in indent.

3) Follow up and get material as per requirement.

4) Contract Review of S/N.

Experience Required: 1 to 3 years

Job Location:Vadodara(HO),Gujarat.


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