Assistant Manager

Major Duties

1. Erection & commissioning of  Metalic Volute pumps, Vertical Turbine pump, Horizontal Split pump, etc with motors and other electrical  & mechanical equipments.

2.  Supervise Erection & commissioning activity of Project equipments like pumps, H.T. & L.T.Panel, Switch Yard, & given performance test at site as per order.

3. Solve erection related issue at site with proper coordination with our design  production team and also with vendors.

4. Precomissioning activites including alignment before comissoning.

5. Comissioning of the system, performance guarante test and support during operation & maintenace.

Minor Duties

1. Maintain confidence and satisfaction level of client over work progress. 

2. Attends meeting with client regarding erection issue and progress.

3. Attends customer’s complaints and give proper replies to the customer’s queries.

4. Take necessary safety precaution and work permit from client during erection.   


1. Having a knowledge of understanding design of pump for the purpose of Erection & commissioning.

2. Should be able to read engineering drawings.

3. To maintain required quality assurance at site during the process of erection.

4. Well Experienced & tactful person to resolve issues pertaining to site.

5. Ability to do root cause analysis and ensure corrective / preventive action of all the problems observed during erection, testing, comissioning and maintainance.

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Commercial activities for Project and Product Sales

Major Duties

1. Preparing of RA Bills, Excisable Invoices, Tax / Retails Invoices, Commercial Bills, Escalation Bills.

 2. Preparing of Outstanding Collectable Statement in respective Project, MIS  and Follow up Collection in respected Client & Reconciliation of receivable accounts.

3. Preparing & Discounting of LC Document as per LC Terms.  

4. Scrutinize the customer invoices with respect to supporting documents & to follow up with Concerned departments for collection of the same to avoid the future liabilities and penalties.

5. Project Insurance & Claim settlement with Insurance Co.

6. To keep track of Sales Tax Assessment Documents and Returns/ Forms/ Data Sheet.

7. Handling of day to day Project accounting including maintenance of ledger, Sales Register, Bills register.

8. Issuing of E-1 Form and collect C Forms.

9. Any others routine Project accounting jobs if any.

Minor Duties

1. Preparation of Pending C Form List.

2. Project Insurance statement.

3. Preparation of Bank Guarantee.

4. Branch wise declare Sales tax turnover.

5. Coordination of  branch issues with HO.  


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Project / Contract execution for Power Projects.

Major Duties

1. Oversee Project Execution for all the projects in Power Group.

2. Achieve Project Sales and Collection for entire Power Group. 

3.  Ensure execution for each project as per the Time schedule agreed with the customer. 

4. Ensure project execution within the specified budget and margin approved for the project. 

5. Visit customer offices to expedite drawings approvals, resolve pending issues.

6. Regular interaction and support to site engineers, branch office, contractors for various day to day issues pertaining to erection, site expenses, site purchase, site testing and commissioning.

Minor Duties

1. Co-ordinate for all project activities with Customer like Drawing approvals, inspections, billing break up approval, payments, c-form, bank guarantees.

2. Plan and monitor internal activities within the company viz. release of drawings, manufacturing plan. Regularly monitor internal manufacturing to ensure delivery as per project schedule. 

3. Interact and execute all activities for Resale items. Drawing approvals, manufacturing clearance, inspections, dispatch at site. Arranging payments for Resale vendors, ensuring collection of e-1 forms. 

4. Regularly release monthly, weekly, yearly MIS plans for sales and collection to management. 

5. Release indents to Purchase for procurement of all resale items (B&C class). Providing detailed technical comparative for A-class items to purchase and involvement during order finalization. 


1. Smart, Confident and experienced in Project management. 

2. Good at written and verbal communication. 

3.  Expert in MS Office functions like Word, Excel, MS Projects, Power Point.

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Assistant Manager R&D

JOB Summary:

About 5 years of experience of mechanical design of static and rotating components  & structural analysis through analysis software such as ANSYS Mechanical / Pro- Mechanica (from any relevant product of Hydro Turbine, pump, motor, Generator)

Major Duties:

1. Stress and Deflection analysis of various components/ assemblies through ANSYS Mechanical software

2. Modal analysis (Natural Frequency & vibrational analysis)  of various components/ assemblies through ANSYS Mechanical software

3. Design calculation of static and rotating components preferably of Hydro Turbine & pump

4. Selection of brought out items such as bearings, couplings, seals, etc.  for pumps and turbine

5. Coordination with design engineers to provide them dimensional inputs for making 3D models and manufacturing drawings

Minor Duties

1. Preparation of design calculation data sheet & related reports

2. Preparation of structural & modal analysis reports

3.Checking of manufacturing drawings & bill of material of critical components

4. Coordination with different dept ( Production, purchase , QC etc ) for execution activities related to design

5. Coordination with client/ customer for various design approvals



  1. Working experience on structural analysis software such as ANSYS Mechanical
  1. Basic knowledge of static, dynamic and model analysis of various structural components
  1. Basic knowledge of Mechanical design aspects of static and rotating components
  1. Selection of brought out items such as bearings, couplings, seals, etc.


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