A Boost to the Strength of Jyoti - Collaboration with DMW

In August 2011, Jyoti Ltd. entered into collaboration agreement with one of the leading pump companies in Japan M/s.DMW Corporation for manufacturing pumps for large power and irrigation projects in India.

DMW Corporation is a 101 year old, highly reputed Japanese company, specialist in manufacturing pumps for Nuclear & Thermal power projects and large irrigation projects. Owing to the high quality standards adopted by DMW, they have major share of experience in supply of pumps to nuclear & thermal power projects. They have supplied about 360 Nos. and 29 Nos. of Circulating Water Pumps for thermal power plants and nuclear power plants respectively for capacity up to 1000 MW. DMW’s share is around 25% in this sector in Japan. With this agreement, Jyoti Ltd. is capable of offering complete Cooling Water solutions for both Thermal and Nuclear power stations up to 1000 MW.

Co-operation agreement with SIGMA

Sigma Group a.s. is having versatile experience in the field of manufacture of large capacity Vertical Pumps for Raw water and Sea water applications in various fields such as Irrigation, Power Sector etc. Sigma Group a.s. has designed, Manufactured and supplied a large number of pumps for Power Plants, worldwide and is one of the most reputed and experienced pump manufacturer worldwide.

Sigma has worked with jyoti and given the technical knowhow to jyoti, for Large Volute Pumps for Godavari Lift Irrigation Project under I&CAD, Andhra Pradesh.Largest vertical pump designed & mfg. by Sigma is for 39960 CuM/Hr against a head of 310 Mtr. with motor rating of 40 MW.

Co-operation agreement with CKD Blansko, Czech Republic

Hydro equipment range and activities have recent impetus in terms of cooperation agreement with M/S CKD Blansko Engineering ,Czech Republic in October 2010 who are reputed global leaders in hydro equipment. CKD Blansko Engineering has successfully commissioned single unit pump Turbines upto 300MW in Czech Republic.

Jyoti has entered into cooperation agreement with CKD exclusively for pump turbines and selectively for manufacture of large turbines to cater the requirement of turbine generator sets of large ratings. With this agreement Jyoti will have access to state of the art European technology and will cater the requirement for hydro turbine equipments in India to the satisfaction of our customers.

Jyoti has already upgraded its infrastructure facilities in design and manufacturing along with their vendor base to meet the requirement for larger hydro sets. With this set up Jyoti will be able to offer techno economic solution for large hydro projects.